Snug has been resnugged

I’ve tidied the snug. Everything is labelled as it was and hasn’t moved more than a foot or so from where it was. Everything is now accessible and there’s a clear 1m pathway. Should make the imminent metal move easier to prep for as well.



Nice one, thanks for doing this! We need to keep that escape route open!



This is incredible!

Myself, Joe and Roman(?) were working on Metal Work Tool Control on Saturday and I was constantly picking up random stuff, tidying things, and putting extension leads away.

On the point about the fire route, I really think we need to clear the sheet material being stored between metal and wood as it’s a trip hazard if anything else.

I don’t know who to ask about those materials.

Anything with names on it, post and tag the members to pickup their project

@CeramicsTechs are we done building walls?

The rest should go back to the woodshop, sheet storage is behind the cnc enclosure …

If there is drywall, not sure what to do with that- add to ceramics walls?

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sheet storage behind the cnc is for active projects only, not a dumping ground for extra construction materials.

Nor is the woodshop a place for extra construction materials. I suggest far end of the snug, or list what is over and we can use it to make storage cupboards.

I purchased a sheet of mdf for the domino/track saw inductions and we made the first cupboard under the sink in the woodshop. If there are sheets of ply/mdf going spare i will happily run inductions to turn it into something useful.

give the @woodtechs a list of what is spare. and we will see if we can use it.

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We have one more wall to do , and a cupboard in arch 1, let’s try not to throw away the construction materials before we finish construction

The sheets are still in use for construction for ceramics and door to snug!

I think we should close this thread and move ceramic studio progress and material discussion back to those threads :slight_smile: