Smooth and acoustic : this months musical jam

This Sunday starting 1pm there will be a gentle semi-acoustic jam.

Meaning - I have some work thing on Sunday so will not bring drums - someone needs to bring any percussive instrument , even midi!


  • bring an amp if you need to, but make sure you’re considerate to someone’s guitar gently weeping. You need to hear everyone!

See you possibly this Sunday.

@0atman will be your dirigent.


I’m VERY EXCITED for a smooth acoustic jam. Things I’ll bring:

  • portable snare
  • portable sax
  • keys
  • drum sticks (for hittin’ offcuts of metal)
  • little drum machine (if we need it)

See y’all at 1pm TOMORROW!


WHO’S COMING TODAY AT 1PM? Need anything?

I will bring an electric guitar, small practice amp (not too loud), shaker and tambourine.

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whens the next one? 20th August I could make it.

How was the set up yesterday? Could we take it outside and play real drums next time? as long as it doesnt rain.

I like the sound of an outdoor jam! Later in August is good for me too.

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I would love to come - upright or bass guitar or sax of some kind. I play a lot elsewhere, but mostly classical. Forward dates would be very helpful, to enable me to take part.


6th August maybe? @0atman ?

6 August works for me

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sax would be INCREDIBLE - though any of those would be well-received!

Yeah, I can do the 6th - can Leon and B do that?

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Both in yeah, @thebassman @mikekelly and others, we’re on!

Do we have a time on 6 August, I’m a newbie. I will bring a sax, bass and flute.

from 1pm until 6pm

Thanks, see you there.

I won’t be around, have a good session!

@petra did you make the event for the 6th of aug? would you link it here when you do please? Thanks so much!

Made a calendar booking.