Slicey design software thing?

I’m sure someone here will be able to recommend something.
Does anyone know of any free software or a simple way of making a cutout design for something that will slot together. Like slicing. To make one of the models that you can cut on laser cutter and slot together.

My instinct is to carve something and then go slice it up on the bandsaw, and then draw around it . But I feel I should preserver with trying to learn some design skills.

Glad that’s all nice and clear.

I recommend getting familiar with Fusion 360. It’s good for this kind of thing. For example you can have two ‘bodies’ (e.g. sides of a box), position them so they overlap, then do an operation to cut out the section from one of them where they overlap. So you have a body with a slot in it. Then you can export a 2D graphic of the body for laser cutting. There is a plugin which you can use to export which takes kerf into account - i.e. the amount of material lost when cutting, so if you are doing slotted joints you should use this to get a snug fit.

Fusion 360 is complex if you try to learn it all at once, but you can do some basic things fairly easily and learn new things on a need-to-know basis.

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Sliver for fusion 360 should do what you need, do already have a digital version of what you are trying to achieve?

+1 for Slicer for Fusion 360