Shortening a Desk

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Hi Everyone,

I hope you’re all well. I was just wondering if it’s possible for someone to shorten this desk for me.

I had to move it from the shared space in the house share to my room and my room is too small to use this desk.

It currently measures 120cm and I’d like it cut to 75cm. Let me know if this is something someone can do and i’ll be happy to reimburse you with cash or a custom leather product.

I leave attached a photo of the desk.



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The depth is 60cm height 105cm by the way.

How’s everything attached to each other on the underside of the desk

Also, the tabletop is veneered, so wherever a cut is made you’ll se a ply/mdf/particleboard edge.

You can edge band the cut or seal, filler, paint it.

I physically don’t have time, looks like a fun project to help with :smiley: sorry

I’ll upload a photo now bare with.

I wouldn’t say it’s a fun project haha, it just needs to be done so this thing can be of use.

These are fittings. Hope this helps. Like I say, i’m happy to reimburse whoever can help me with a handmade leather good.

Here’s my brand so you can get an idea of what I make.

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Looks like a great opportunity to try out the new tracksaw - I’m happy to help out at some point this week, when works for you?

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I can come by whenever is best, the sooner the better honestly.

I’ll be in after work on wednesday before the open evening - how about then?

Nice one, that should be great. If it isn’t I’ll let you know, thanks Sean.

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Could probably get the original edge banding off with an iron and reuse it.

Tracksaw has had no inductions yet so is not for general use without a woodtech present

Yeah that’s what I was thinking too, bit of steam and a sharp chisel should get it off in one piece.

Ah right, didn’t realise that about the tracksaw - maybe I’ll just use a jigsaw with a guide instead then clean up the cut with a handplane

Nice one, so a chisel, jigsaw and handplane. Sound good?

Yeah that should do it - looks like it’ll be pretty straightforward to take apart

I have the table taken apart from the legs. Would you like me to bring a leg with me? Also I’m now faced with the issue of getting this table on the tube for transport. I’m not sure if it will be allowed.

Having one leg to hand might be useful, as long as it’s not too much trouble to bring with you - I’ll be at the space for around 5 today I expect

I might have to come later than 5, probably leave the house around 7 as it’s peak times during transport and I don’t think TFL allow large tables onto trains. This whole thing might not happen now. Uber is cost around £40 one way. I might need to outsource this to a person nearer to where I live.

Ah right, no worries - yeah maybe just easier to bring the tools to the table rather than vice versa