Sharpening blacksmith-forged steel scissors

Hi- I am not a member, but am looking for some advice from makers!

A couple weeks ago I completed a blacksmithing class & forged a pair of steel scissors. They are fully functioning, except that they’re extremely dull. I’m trying to figure out how to sharpen them- an angle grinder? metal file?

Any feedback would be welcome, thank you.

@RichM is a blacksmith and might have some advice?

Are they a high carbon steel? Did you garden and temper them on your course?
If so, a file won’t touch them. Angle grinder might be a bit aggressive. Best off using a belt grinder or wet sharpening system of some sort.

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Hi, I’m not sure if they’re high carbon steel. I don’t think we gardened/tempered (again, I’m a novice so trying to figure it out!).

After forging them, we let them cool & took them with us, so now trying to figure out next steps.

I emailed the blacksmith and he said we could use a metal file to sharpen & hammer rivet head to tighten the hinge.

If I go the belt grinder/wet sharpening system route, do you know where I could access those tools?

Thanks a lot!

Also, just to clarify, I’m interested in the wet sharpening system because they’re quite dull so I can see the metal file taking ages to actually file them down.

You can get a scissor attachment for the tormek (we have one in the wood shop - just not the scissor attachment).

So you can make the primary grind with that and then use a water stone or similar to hone them

Ah, that sounds ideal!

This would be the attachment?

If I purchase it & bring it with me, would I be able to possibly use the tormek in the wood shop?

Yes that would fit the tormek.

The tormek is fairly easy to use so it should be fairly simple to do on there.

Then after using the tormek you’ll want to hone it on a stone but that shouldn’t take long as the tormek gives a hollow grind

Not wanting to step on another blacksmith’s toes but I suspect that if they haven’t been heat treated then they are unlikely to hold an edge.

Would it be helpful/possible for me to come by with the scissors so you could see them in person?

Hi, I wanted to check in- is it possible for me to come by with the scissors & use the tormek?

Thank you!