Shamelessly asking for votes

Hi All
I don’t deserve this, but I have been nominated and shortlisted for this award. I am up against women from huge corporate systems, little one nobody woman me navigating obstacles and trolls… but getting loads of help along the way (thanks guys who have helped me particularly the last few months of the worst year of my life … but don’t want a sympathy votes mind you, though I might bribe you with biscuits) ! so it’s unlikely I will win but anyway please vote. Bushra x


Wow, well done Bushra, I’ve voted – took less than 30 seconds…I see what you mean about the competition from big tech and finance!

Here’s a direct link:

Thank you. I’m such an underdog imposter, I totally slipped through the net into this.

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We can do some social media too. Are you out there fighting?

that would be really nice, and I have put it on twitter etc but realistically though I have got no chance, all the same it’s nice to be shortlisted

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Hey totally shocked, I’m one of the winners !


Wow. Nice work!

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