Shaker peg rail/ milk paint

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I expect you have done it by now. Do let me know.

Hey @Giles_Mould I haven’t done it yet… Taking my time working through the tool chest to enjoy the process!

Do you reckon the pigments I linked in my previous comment would work? Can’t imagine the place in Shoreditch is open currently and even if they were, not a great time to go shopping

Well I am fairly sure great art are online suppliers too. They’re a big outfit I think.
I will check out the pigments you mentioned, basically earth pigments work or anything with some weight to it. Reds and blacks tend to be good. Clues are often in the name.

The pigment you mentioned all look good. Make sure you get enough, if you use pure pigments for each colour you can just get more if you don’t have enough. You want to get all your coats on about 4 hours apart. The paint deteriorates even over 24 hours in the fridge. So when you make it, use it. As you are doing two coats of each it shouldn’t be a problem. The first coat can look terrible, don’t panic and don’t over thin it. It dries so quickly you will have time to do a test piece. You want to use skimmed milk at room temp, pour the milk and vinegar simultaneously, don’t stir even once. If you break up the curds they will flush through the cheese cloth when you rinse. It’s all about the curds, once you have your clean curds the rest is straight forward. Keep me posted, I am in two minds about a chest myself.

Here is the lime I used , it’s from amazon

My pigments arrived today - just need to grab some hydrated lime and then I can crack on!

Cool, make sure you add room temp skimmed milk simultaneously and do not stir or agitate at all. This keeps the curds intact and makes washing with fresh water possible. If you break up the curds they will flush through the cheese cloth when you wash them. Once you have the curds it’s a doddle as long as you get everything done fast. It dries so fast you can easily do three coats in a day. You could easily do more. I would never make milk paint and use it days later, it changes consistency and develops a foam. Still usable but sub optimal. Crackle can develop with old paint, you can harness that characteristic. One final point, the first coat tends to look horrendous. Just stick with it and use proper technique, masking tape works well. Any news on the naked woodwork bench dvd, I sent you my email?

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I dropped you an email I thought? I’ll double check.