Shaker boxes

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I finished up another set of boxes, I have a pair, which is typically something I like to do. Making pairs is telling, for obvious reasons. You can see the pine inserts and the latest addition, with olive ash, tops and bottoms. The olive ash has a grey cast and I experimented with dyes and liming wax but, I spent CASH and I still wasn’t happy with the colour. I did get a lovely limed finish on two of my experimental pieces of wood. So, after all that effort I went with the natural colour. If you think about it, we colour wood, all colours including grey, so why did I feel I should hide the lovely reclaimed olive ash drawer bottoms? Grey is just a colour like any other colour, the wood is I imagine going to get beautiful with age. I think it’s been a successful project and I have all the necessary equipment to make more boxes. I am also interested in trying some different shapes and sides with a single finger for the nails. The shakers actually did a single finger box. It’s the same size as the large box in my photos. I used three coats of oil and wax for the finish on the latest ash and cherry boxes. I used shellac for the boxes with pine inserts, I don’t have a favourite, they are each different, so not technically a pair. I am not complaining, I achieved plenty…


They look amazing!

What is the thickness of the wood your using there?

It’s supposed to be 1.5 mm, this particular piece of veneer was actually 1.4.

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They look great! Do you pics of the making in progress. Would love to learn how to make them.


I don’t really have pictures of the process, it’s not particularly photogenic.
I would have to show you.

Ah, I see, you could show us but then you’d have to kill us, eh? :wink:

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