Shadowing/buddying up with a wood worker

Not sure if this is the right category, but I am an aspiring (lol!) wood worker, and have joined makerspace to have a place to learn and practice basic skills so i can do some basic projects. Projects I have in mind are a simple table, a shelf unit, shoe rack, etc… i.e. nothing too complex yet but maybe one day!

While I wait for my turn at a woodworking induction, I can’t get my hands dirty, but I was wondering if there was anyone who is somewhat experienced (just more than me) who wouldn’t mind me shadowing them, asking a few questions here and there. In return you would have a second pair of hands when needed, for example for carrying or help tidying up :smiley:

I’m not expecting someone to teach me as thats a lot to ask of someone to do for free, but I just want to observe and learn passively as someone else works, and also get familiar with the space and its conventions. I think it’ll probbaly be good to feel confident in the space and around the tools ahead of being inducted and being able to work indepedently

Hope this isnt too outrageous of a suggestion! Looking forward to reading your responses :smile:

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Hey Afrah

I don’t know about official shadowing but I am in the space most Monday evenings if you wanted to come down I can talk though my current projects and what I am doing to make them and what tools I need and how I’m using them.

Most of the work I do is a lot of simple tasks ( I think this is normal ) so I don’t know how much fun you would have shadowing me.
I’m still new to all this myself so might not be the best but I will be around

And generally accepts payment in the form of hobnobs


That sounds perfect :smiley: Thank you so much. i’ll reply or message closer to then just confirm times and such.