Almost finished!!! My latest sewing project


Amazing! Is it for one of your shows?

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Just for wearing (not sure when though!)

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Thanks for sharing. I’ve never seen anything like it!

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That’s a beauty!

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I’m interested in getting into making clothes. Is there anyone at the space who could run some workshops on the basics? I have my own (ancient) sewing machine and can operate it, but it would be great to learn about patterns, materials, stitch types, etc.

Very nice dress by the way :slight_smile:

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I’m learning with YouTube myself but I’d love to take a course in Morley college! I can show you how the machine works if you want?

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Thanks! I will probably stick with my Singer at home for now, but maybe in future… The Morley courses look interesting.

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Is there any plans for an overlocker?

We have an overlocker, but it might need a servicing

Hi Sabtab,
If you are able to confirm or deny the need and I get the trustee goahead, then I am happy to arrange it…

We definitely have an overlocker, I’m just think it needs servicing

I think it was serviced a couple of months back

@techfolderkites will know

Hi all, the overlocker was serviced recently with all the machines


I can confirm it works as of this past weekend.

@sabtab no need for courses. Let me know if you need any help with anything. I’m in the space on weekends with various textile projects. Great work thus far looks amazing! And I know that fabric is not straight forward to work with.


Thanks for the update Emily…