Servo - changing the orientation with cogs

(Dani Clode) #1


I’m a bit stuck with a project I’m working on… I need to change the orientation of a servo to turn a wheel on the top, instead of the side, and I’m a bit stumped. Cogs are not my area…

Any ideas?? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


(Robert Kirberich) #2

I don’t have much experience with gears either, but I think a standard way of doing that is with a bevel gear:

That probably only gets you half-way there as you might need to do some more gearing on the top, but it’d at least get you around the corner. It’s really difficult to describe this in text, but I’ll try to draw a sketch in a bit

(Robert Kirberich) #3

I’m unsure if this very bad sketch makes it any clearer, but that’s what I had in mind - it’s using a belt on the standard servo shaft here to avoid having to hack the servo itself, but the same thing could be done with a gear connected to the large silver gear on the open servo I would think.

(Paul Court) #4

What about a low profile servo (normally used in wings) ?


(Valentino Sfamurri) #5

What is the application? You might be able to find plastic bevelled gears on the internet and then we can design and 3d print a support to keep it all together.

Id connect the pinion directly on the servo tho

(Dani Clode) #6

Thanks for the suggestion! They are still a bit higher than I’m after, but hopefully can strip it back a bit

(Ed Yeboah) #7

How about using a worm gear? They’re compact solution to this problem, if you don’t mind the high reduction ratio.