Selling diamond stone

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I have a faithfull diamond stone for sale. 400 grit and 1000 grit. I have broken the stone in and apart from that it has remained unused. I would like to sell for ten pounds. We could meet when lockdown rules relax or if you were to pay for postage it would be possible to mail the stone. Anyone interested please let me know.Thank you.

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Hi, yes I would be I interested! We can meet up once lockdown is over!

Okay great let’s hope the lockdown is not too long.

There is still plenty of functionality in the stone, flatness is not one of those functions as you know. The stone is similarly flat as the maker space stone. Personally speaking, it’s possible to work around the flatness issues. It all depends what you expect and the nature of the usage. I remember you telling me you work jewellery?