Securing shaft between two bearings - collar, split ring?

(Neil Thomson) #1


I have a 1/4 inch shaft that’s in two bearings at each end which are in turn in bearing blocks. I want to stop the shaft from moving left or right. I have a 1/4" ID x 1/2" OD shaft collar but it’s too big - it rubs on the outer edge of the bearing, and I can’t seem to source a smaller one.

Other option seems to be to cut a grove in a split ring - but I don’t have access to a lathe and it’s only a couple of shafts - too small a job to pay someone to do it.

Any other options or anyone have a small metal lathe I could ply with beer and / or cake?

(Paul Court) #2

put a washer(s) between the split ring and the bearing ? - common practice to make sure there is no contact


(Neil Thomson) #3

Bingo! Slightly face palming that’s an obvious and easy solution, thanks :slight_smile: I can do that between the collar and bearing, to stop the rub, cheers.

(Paul Court) #4

the best answers always are ! :slight_smile:

(Neil Thomson) #5

I may have spoken too soon. Any and all 1/4" ID washers I can find are at least 1/2" OD and the bearing is only 1/2" so back to the same problem - the collars I have are 1/4 ID 1/2 OD hence the rubbing. Ideally I want 1/4 ID and 3/8 OD but this is very very thin washer.

These washers will just fit I just have to spend £22 on 250 washers for 3 washers… - might need a tickle with a drill but should be OK.

(Paul Court) #6

I was thinking something like these

(Calum Nicoll) #7

Buy a washer with 3/8 OD and a smaller ID and drill to 1/4 ID?

(Barnaby Coote) #8

If you don’t plan on taking it apart I used loctite 680 to fix all the drivetrain gears to shafts on our motion control rig.

It’s really strong stuff, a drop is enough. Heating it breaks the bond if you want to unglue it. You could put some on bearings i suppose. We bought pillow blocks off which have grub screws already in them, you could also switch to those.

Or make a groove with a file and use surclips ? should be small enough to only touch the moving part of the bearing.

(Howard Batchen) #9

I’ve probably got something that would fit

(Rich Maynard) #10

Laser cut something from nylon or delrin