Search for access to large/Industrial oven for paint curing

Good afternoon
I hope this finds you all well.
I have a piece of work that is made of 3mm mild steel rod that I’m about to coat in a high heat paint. However, it needs curing in an industrial oven or similar (at least 200 degrees for 30-40mins). I’ve not been very successful with any of the powder coating companies I’ve contacted, sadly. The piece is 80 x 56 x 22cm, very lightweight with more spaces than actual material. I would have baked it in my own oven if it fitted!!
I don’t suppose MakerSpace has anything that would be suitable for such a thing or whether anyone happens to know where there might be one in SE London (or anywhere is London tbh) please?
I hope you don’t mind me asking. I’ve been putting out feelers all over the place but not having much luck. I’m so close to finishing this piece and now frighteningly close to my delivery deadline.
Thank you so much

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Not sure if ours is big enough, @petra? We can measure it tomorrow

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Let’s measure tommorow but I think it’s big enough - it is a 3 phase, so we’d need to do a bit of rewiring? If I remember right it goes close to 300°C.

But it was working during London Craft Week last year? Let’s check tomorrow

Thank you and @petra so much! I really really appreciate it. I’ll keep everything crossed :crossed_fingers:

It was working last year, but I am assuming the 3 phase is in use for Arch2 currently, but not sure…

yes, to use the oven we have to unplug Arch 2!

No chance of it fitting in our one…!

Traditional bike frame painters will have one for sure.
I’ve yet to hear a bad word about this guy!
There’s a number you can call to inquire, don’t know him myself but worth a shot, based down towards Hither Green.

Else try asking a couple of pottery studios.
There’s the kiln rooms based in Peckham:

And another space I know of in Tulse Hill:

( A google search will chuck up a few of the resident potters who have some contact details on their pages if the facebook group isn’t particularly active…!)

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That’s a real shame. Thank you so much for trying, I really appreciate it. Thank you too for all the recommendations. I’ll try Vaz for sure, I’m in Brockley so not far from me at all. I’ve tried a few potters but either not heard back or they don’t allow use by anyone outside, which is absolutely fair enough. Thank you all for being so helpful, I’m very grateful.


Hi, have you looked at the Brockley cross business park? They is a bike guy and quite a few other business that might have one.

Mario at Vaz has come to the rescue! Thank you so much for the recommendation @Jonty_Bottomley



Glad to hear!

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