SD Card For 3D Printer

Hi @directors, do we have 3D printing techs I can tag?

I wanted to mention the gold SanDisk Extreme SD card by the 3D printer is not connecting to my computer. @platinumnqueen22 said he had the same problem. I borrowed the SD card from the Flash Forge in the end as there were no other cards in the box. Could we order a new card? Else I can donate one.

Yes @3dtechs!

Alright I just grabbed a 5 pack of memory cards cause I also needed a couple at home. I’ll bring the others to the space. These come without adapters I think, so if you have any spares that’d be cool (the standard SDXC to SD).

I also ordered another 6 pack of IPA for the resin printer. The cleaning station bucket seems to need 8L just to get started, damn.

I’ll bring both of these over on Monday I think.


Great! There are plenty of adapters in the box, but no actual cards :joy:

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Just FYI

Ok finally got to the makerspace. I dropped 2 SD cards, and I found an adaptor on the shelf so I used that.

Also updated the resin printer firmware so it finally recognised the file I wanted to print. All we need now is get the ventilation going.


Cool cool! Anyone that feels confident can work on the ventilation, check with @joeatkin2 for advice, but a pipe straight through the wall above to the big trunk. We have the 4” stuff just need a tee adapter to interface the big trunk in messy workshop…

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Is the Ultimaker usable?

It looked fine to me, but I didn’t try it. I’m just assuming the new memory cards work.

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I’ll be trying them today. Is there a particular filesystem they need to be formatted in?

Whatever windows tells ya, but they were fine as they came. I think FAT32 is the one.

It’s giving me a few problems. Only connected to my Mac on second attempt and the Ultimaker can’t recognise it. I think it’s due to it being 64GB when Ultimaker forums seem to indicate 32GB max. Tried reformatting as Fat32 but it didn’t help.

I’ve used the gold SD Card in the end, the one labled ‘Bad?’. It has worked but I’ve order 2 of my favourite SD Cards from Sandisk I’ll donate to the space.

There is one other sd card which I keep accidentally leaving in the machine I am repairing. It is in the Geetech 3d printer under the table in the sung. Just behind the right hand side of the screen. Your welcome to grab it and leave it back with the other printers.

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Oops, I didn’t think to check. The 64GB pack was the cheapest I found, haha. Next time I come by the space I’ll see if I can format them and set the size to 32GB, maybe they will work.

You mentioned the gold one is bad, right? 🫢 Well it still works most of the time, but might fail at random points for long prints

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