Screen printing arch 1

Hi All
After repeated requests for metal works to move into Arch 2 we are still waiting to set up the screen printing area. I have been getting many messages asking about screen printing. We also have all our equipment now but still cannot set up because of metal works not moving into arch 2. PLEASE can someone, anyone start to move metal works?? We’ve waited for over a year now and that is totally unacceptable. If we want to attract new members and promote a diverse creative environment then we should organise this asap. I propose that this happens within 14 days dated from today. Thanks.

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Hi Lisa,

I feel your pain and want to get metal moved and screenprinting up and going asap.

It is all down to power and extraction to at least get welding and the pillar drill out of arch 1… the cold saw isn’t even really up and going and maybe screen printing can start with the metal lathe still there?

Many are working on it, @joeatkin2 - how close do you think we realistically are?

@metaltechs - would you please make a decision on that proposal. It’s doable, if the lathe etc. gets put out of commission until electricity and tool control are set up, which will take several weeks at least and very possibly until the new year.

I think a more pragmatic solution would be to have welding relocate in this timeframe, or perhaps even sooner, and for screenprinting to share the messy room with a greatly reduced metalwork area with the lathe. If metalwork were in a footprint of 2500x2500mm or less, that should allow screenprinting to be set up to be workable in an interim arrangement. I’d rather see screenprinting up and running like that in a couple of weeks than it taking a great deal longer. But that’s up to screenprinting techs.

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I put the electrical supply in its new position last night so a couple of weeks until there’s power.

And an indeterminate entertainment amount of time before extraction

With respect it is up to the metalwork to move the lathe, drillpress welders and welding table! Once the space is clear screen printing can start.

I would love to learns screen printing, could we do a group workshop or something to kickstart it? :slight_smile:

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I suspect this will be a fairly unpopular opinion, but if screen printing has worn the lion’s share of the inconvenience by not being able to do anything in their space, maybe it’s time for metalwork to shoulder some of that inconvenience, move the items across and accept that some items will be temporarily out of commission?

I think it would be a nice gesture of thanks to screen printing after it’s waited so long for this whole relocation process, and it’ll also act as encouragement to sort out the remaining barriers to getting the space fully up and running?

That said, I am neither in the metalworking nor screenprinting groups so I accept that I am speaking very much as a third party without any skin in this game.


Wow! I think is better to don’t create divisions and remind ourself that we are one SLMS. Anyway, screen printing isn’t conveniently accessible because there is a huge screen exposure unit that we rescued and brought to the space ( I feel responsible :man_facepalming:). If anyone is interested in using screen printing or bringing back the area to previous splendor, can you please help to move exposure unit in the back of arch2 or to find another temporary location?


Please don’t confuse this issue. The large exposure unit must have its home in Arch 1. Space has been allocated for it and as soon as metalworks moves over to arch 2 the screen printing will become fully operational.

Thanks so much for support. Why would it be an unpopular opinion. Screen printing area has every right to be up and running by now. This is not a divisive act it was endorsed and sanctioned by members in member meetings over 2 years ago. Hence the impatience now. But cheers for your accurate empathy. Much appreciated


Yes! Screen printing is nearing the time for workshops/inductions. As soon as metal works moves to arch 2 and we have positioned all equipment safely we will start screen printing! Thanks for your patience. Watch this space.


Screen printing is not accessible because of welding, lathe, drill press and welding table, no other reason

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I think that’s fair to be honest - the only caveat is that we need to finish any welding that needs to be done for arch 2 extraction before we start disassembling the welding area. That shouldn’t be very much though, just repairing the supports in the front of arch 1

What’s the general process/other induction prerequisites?

For example, is it common to lasercut the screens? :slight_smile:

Someone needs to write up a risk assessment for the exposure unit, then we can determine what if any induction is needed…

This can and should happen before the area is used, so in parallel with the move

The UV exposure unit is operational and is being used. I just learned that there is also a safety issue with this being adjacent to the washroom, which now has working plumbing. There is also no interlock on the unit. There is foreseeable risk of serious personal injury at the moment. This should have an RA and proper risk management, which, for some reason, has slipped through the cracks here. Given duties under the Heath and Safety Act 1974, this unit should be made safe without delay, if necessary removing the bulb and mains lead. This may seem ‘pedantic’ to some. Failing to discharge the duty under s.4(2) to ensure safety is a criminal offence and can also result in directors being disqualified. It’s not a trivial matter.

Here the safety culture at SLMS wasn’t up to the standard needed. We should look at why that became operational without an RA and treat this as an ‘incident’ and learn from that. Evidently something went wrong here. Perhaps we need to have better induction for becoming a tech, covering duties and responsibilities for safety, the need to have an RA before equipment becomes available for use in the space etc… Doing that kind of review of incidents and taking corrective steps also comes under the duty of ensuring safety. It’s not for the sake of bureaucracy, it’s to prevent electrocution, serious eye damage etc.

The RA is the first step, an interlock is only one way to address risk, the machine is as it was from the factory, this is what inductions are for- teaching you how to safely use a machine. If it is really dangerous then Tool control helps as well.

Without the RA we have no idea how much of an issue this is though, @LisaP, @iNerdier can you work on this or find someone that can?


Meanwhile the unit should be made safe and non operational. Urgently.

Just because we don’t know how much of an issue it is doesn’t make it ok to have this operational in the space. The precautionary principle is the guiding principle in safety. If that’s not the safety culture at SLMS, then that is a safety issue that needs to be addressed.

Sorry, I am not sure what you are asking for.

This unit is as it was from the factory. The fact that someone may or may not know how to use it is a different issue. Members should not be using things that are not commissioned yet - so a warning on the machine is needed. This will give us time to write up an RA and implement any safety protocols necessary.

It doesn’t make any sense to cut the plug off of every piece of equipment we get, the techs often need to test and repair things and this can take time. Plus writing the RA often entails using the machine to see what the dangers are.

If someone can put a ‘Do not use’ sign on it that would be great! And members do not use it until it is commissioned. Thanks!

The big screen unit is on wheels and we moved there five months ago. I think we still have the small screen unit (correct?). I agree that screen printing area can not stay in the limbo. Why can we not move the “not to use”big screen unit temporary somewhere else? Maybe in the clean area? I know electronic isn’t happy about it but the space near the window isn’t in use yet… This would make the screen area functional again. I’m only trying to find a practical solution here.