Scope - Electronics Area

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(Dean Forbes) #1


Under Electronics Bench

Removed by 28th April

(Dermot Jones) #2

Items can’t be stored in the Clean room – unless you have express permission from the @electrotechs

(Andrea Campanella) #3

It’s this an analog scope? Is it need of repair? Or you are planning to use it as tool?

(Pete Hellyer) #4

Yes, please move to a shelf in the snug and label with your expected expiriy date. If there are no free shelves, please transpose the content of a shelf that is past its expiry date to the 3-week bins.


(Dean Forbes) #5

will do

(Andrea Campanella) #6

I went to the space and there is a massive HP 54112D oscilloscope, it’s this yours?

(Dean Forbes) #7

yes is mine - howard was going to look at it, it is due to be collected in the next few days

I had planned to rack mount it in a shared workshop I had planned to set up (mainly so it would not disappear)

I am probably ebaying it and I have moved on from setting up a shared workshop

Size is relative , a through hole resistor is massive compared to surface mount - not much of mine is small :slight_smile:

(Andrea Campanella) #8

Under the tables it’s not storage area , empty desk policy doesn’t mean that under the desk people can keep anything.

You asked until the 28th of April , you either ask for a storage extension or remove it .

(Dean Forbes) #9

ahh missed the date sorry - extension till the 28th May ? (doing well for African Time) :slight_smile:

(Andrea Campanella) #10


(Dermot Jones) #11

It needs to be snugged, and a new storage request put in

Leaving items without valid storage requests puts them at risk of the three week bin

We’ll be ramping this up over the next weeks

(electrotech) #12

Lol that gave me a chuckle.

Is it weird I hear you say that in your own voice?

Ps… ergh keep the area tidy.

(Dean Forbes) #13

more than happy to put a storage request in but an even hand would be appreciated

(Pete Hellyer) #14

You were asked to put a request in and put it in the snug several weeks ago.

(Dean Forbes) #15

I did - I complied with the request on the 16th of April at that time

(electrotech) #16

Surely someone could have been helpful and moved it to the snug. If I had been in I would have moved it. Kind of surprised no one else did.

(Andrea Campanella) #17


@peter_hellyer it’s pointing out that you already had your time for storage , apparently the scope wasn’t stored into the snug.

Space it’s limited , if you store a big scope for 2 months , someone else can’t store their stuff.

If the directors agree to allow you more storage, someone else will want the same…and we end up being storage for hoarders , again.

I would like to point out to everyone that the monthly fee it’s not rent, it’s to access to the facilities in the space and sustain it.

Storage it’s just a fancy favour, in one of the most crowded city in Europe.

(Dean Forbes) #18

@emuboy when asked to move it I did (it has moved back and forth)

when pointed out the storage request had expired I put a fresh one in Scope - Electronics Area when this request was put in I was not due in til today.

I have available storage with in the M25 that is probably twice the size of the entire arch as well as a barn in the country, as well as a couple of garages or as I believe they are known in the UK lockup’s whilst rent and storage may be an issue or sensitive point for some, I can assure you that I am not using SLMS as storage. for context the scope is a fraction of the size of a number of other items that dont have current storage requests.

This should be closed as the scopes storage request expires today and it will be removed today :slight_smile:

(laurent_muchacho) #19

I think the point is made and action is taken to avoid any escalation on this thread it will now be closed. If you need to resolve any further issues on this topic please do it in PM or face to face.

I hope you all understand and have a great day

(laurent_muchacho) #20