Saturday 19th: International Repair day and LHS Makers Day

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sorry for the prolonged absence and late notice…

This Saturday it’s International Repair Day and The Restart Project will be hosting an event at our Brixton HQ:

To celebrate the third edition of International Repair Day, we’re running a special Restart Party at our Brixton home, 3Space International House. The theme of the day is Repair for Future!

At this event, we’ll be repairing with participants all their broken electrical and electronic devices – as usual. But there will be much more:

– we’re inviting great London repair businesses to showcase their work in live repair demonstrations

Confirmed businesses:

11am Sarasfix – mobile phone repair
11am Tfix – drone and game console repairs
12pm: Armstrong Audio – audio devices
12pm: AGT – computer repair

– we will showcase educational materials on the critical raw materials inside our devices
– Rosie the Restarters, a restart group for women and non-binary people, will share their repair skills
– participants who want to get involved but don’t have anything broken, will be able to take apart and reassemble smartphones, to learn about the importance of repair and reuse

As this is the only Restart Party occurring during Repair Day, we’re inviting Restarters from all London groups to join. We’ll have plenty of refreshments and tasty food to celebrate on the day.

Accessibility: The event will take place on the ground floor and all spaces are step-free.

In less local news: The Wembley/ London Hackspace is having a maker day:
12:00 - 18:00
388 High Road, Wembley, HA9 6AR