Sanding down plywood edge

hi, I have 6mm thick plywood, please see photo, small pieces and want to round off the edges. Can this be done on the sander? Doesn’t have to be a specific angle or anything. Do I need an induction to the Wood workshop to do this? thanks

Maybe cut a template on the laser, then use a guided router bit to follow the profile you want.

You can then use a guided round over bit to get the edge profile you want?

Will be a lot more consistent and neat than trying to do it with the belt/disc sander freehand… IMO

Hope that’s useful!

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Router would be needing an induction I think, but sander is fine with the general woodshop one I reckon. Easiest would be the big belt sander or clamp it and use the orbital - might need to buy sanding discs.

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Thanks all! Julia showed me how to use the sander :star:

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