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Hi folks, hope you’re all having a great weekend! Is there anyone who can show me where the sand blaster is, how and where to use it etc please?

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hi Chris, I should be at the space tomorrow or Tuesday evening if you would like me to show you

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I could do daytime today if you are around, but I suspect you mean evening. That being the case I’ll be making my way to New York but could drop you a message when I’m back in a weeks time if that’s cool? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi all + @metaltechs ,

Is the sand blasting cabinet still available to use?


The sand blaster cabinet is not in use at the moment. It’s a low demand machine and it’s currently in storage while the metal move is taking place.

Okay, cheers

afaik it shouldn’t take long to hook it up, not sure if all the parts are there though
@Gergo_Dala ?

We have a long airline reel, buried under stuff under the woodshop side windows, its eu plug hooks up on the dry air line, the bigger issue is the wire crate with the acatetate sheets, the roll of duckt tape and the bigger nozzles are missing in the chaos… the big gun has the smallest nozzle on, so as slow as the detail gun. And our media is way too fine to work fast, we should get a bucket with a lid, and a refill with coarser media. If Joe is around he knows how to hook it up, or if it can wait till monday I can hook it up for you @woodtechs is it ok to set it up next to the door on your side?

Keep the great away from our blades and I’m good

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Hey @Gergo_Dala

Sorry for the slow response, I didn’t get a notification that you’d replied.

Would it still be possible to set the cabinet up?

I’d be looking to blast some rolled aluminium sheet. Is the media that we have suitable for aluminium?

I’ve also never used a shot blasting cabinet. Would need an intro, if this is possible at all?



The black cabinet has glass bead in it for blasting aluminium without being too harsh…

I will let metaltechs figure out how to give access, I would think this would be a good candidate for video induction? Maybe there is already a suitable youtube video out there?


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All the nozzles are in it, put a big ine in the blasting gun, hook it up on the dry airline behind the planer next to the door, there is a big roll of air hose with eu plug in the metalshop, tape an avetate sheet on the glass, and make sure you tighten the screw on the door properly, plug the lead into the mains to have light and go slowly the media is super fine. Make sure the hose on the gun is in the media.

Hi @Gergo_Dala ,

Thanks! A couple of questions:

Will I need a dust mask, and if so, what type?
Do you know if there is any acetate in the workshop for this? Or will I need to get hold of some?

I’m in the workshop tomorrow doing other stuff but will take a look at the machine. Will let you know if I get stuck.


Hi @Gergo_Dala

I had a look at the cabinet. Generally looks straight forward but there’s a hose out the back right side (photo attached) which I assume extracts the dust? What/where does this need to plug into?

Also, there seems a be what looks like a second nozzle (see photo). Do I need to do anything with this?


There was acyclone from a standing hoiver for the end of that hose ( and a henry should be on the end of the cyclone, , pull a plastic bag on it, if you can’t see inside chuck a hoover on.
The small thing is the derail gun, operates by pushing the pedal on the bottom side of the frame

Hey @asander1

Is the grit in a black cabinet in the new workshop? Can’t seem to find it…


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I meant the black blasting cabinet… not the red one, sorry that wasn’t clear!

@asander1, couldn’t see any shot media in the black blasting cabinet. Any other spots you can think of where it might be stored?


It was full of media last I looked, unless someone dumped it out… otherwise we will need to buy some…

It was full of this:

We should stock glass bead (lighter finishing / cleaning) and aluminium oxide (harsher more aggressive).

@metaltechs- thoughts?

For future, could we please keep any sandblasting equipment as far away from precision machining equipment as possible?

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