Run a CNC job?

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Hi everybody! I’m a wanna-be-member for a while now, looks like you have such a great thing going!

Anyway, to my point, I have this one piece that want to cut in wood w/ a CNC machine (3-axis is enough), but it seems like none of the industrial people cut wood?

I was wondering if there is a sub-community of CNC people here that could help me run the job (I’d be happy to pay). But also, you know… “talk about CNC stuff”. Anybody?

Hi Amit, @CNCers might be able to help! We surely cut wood on our CNC, currently only on our tiny CNC.

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Heya - is it small enough to fit on our desktop CNC? - specs here…

Either way, I will be around tonight and tomorrow (electronics night!) at 8pm if you wanna come check it out and talk CNC!



It is! It’s 215 x 180, so will fit handsomely! Today was a day and I couldn’t come through, but I could come through tomorrow, is that cool? I actually have the piece all worked up in fusion, although we’d prolly have to replace the bits in the CAM run? I’m a bit new to all this. Should I bring some media to cut? Where do I find media to cut? aaaaaaah!!!

Or I could you know, just come down and check out the machine and take it from there!


Heya - start by just coming by and having a chat / seeing the machine - its an open Electronics night so good night to pop in - 7pm - 9pm would be good?

Yeah, that works! I’ll try to be around around 7. Should I bring anything as tribute?


Bring your Fusion file so we can take a look!

See ya later!

Welcome Amit!

You’ve caught us in the middle of a sprint this week to get our mini CNC tooling ducks in a row. We’ve catalogued what’s available in the space now and will lean on the suggested speeds and feeds from VCarve until we dial it in. Here’s the tool list if you’re eager to get started on CAM:

Tool Diameter Shaft Diameter Flutes Overall Length Flute Length Type
1 2 3 2 38 8 Ball Mill
8 3.22 3.22 1 44 22 End Mill
9 1.5 6 3 28 5 End Mill
10 2 6 2 31 6 Ball Mill
11 5 6 3 44 15 Ball Mill
12 2 6 2 50 6 Ball Mill
13 1 4 2 50 4 Ball Mill
17 2.5 6 3 32 8 End Mill
18 2 6 2 50 3 End Mill
19 6 6 3 44.5 18 End Mill
20 6 6 3 45 15 End Mill
21 6 6 2 52 18 End Mill
22 6 6 2 54 12 End Mill
23 6 6 4 60 16 End Mill

I was able to export our VCarve tool database last night and will be finishing out the initial Fusion 360 tool library soon.

I will be in the space tonight as well, looking forward to meeting you!

@asander1 do you have a better answer for where to buy stock? I’ve never been but there’s Herne Hill Builder Centre nearby or B&Q 7 min down the road by bus. For smaller pieces of hardwood, I have bought spindle blanks from Yandles and G&S

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That’s really cool! I’m a bit of a fusion noob (I did use autocad everyday from 1999-2005 though) so maybe I’ll just come by tonight and you guys can laugh at my naivety! :slight_smile:

This is all very exciting!

PS - @asander1, I’ll definitely bring my laptop.


Heya, ill be there from 8pm, but others can let you in and chat!

Thanks guys! I had a great night!


Unfortunately not - but lets start collating a list page!

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Hi Kyle, we also run a laser shop and order plywood from and perspex from Hobarts.
We possibly could join getting some stock together and extend it to the small CNC use, i usually order 3-12mm laser grade plywood and 3mm+5mm perspex, mostly clear but also other colours. What seem to be the most popular materials used on the small CNC?


I would contribute to that


Hello Petra,

Thanks for throwing in a great answer for laser and offering to get a buy pool going. I think that makes a lot of sense. I’m new to the space so I can’t generalize for our community but it seems to be plywood, smaller chunks of hardwood, or whatever material people scavenge for sign making. I know @asander1 relies almost entirely on off cuts :slight_smile: Joking aside, I’m eager to have Andy weigh in on this one.

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