Ruby software for Laser: can not "push to Laser"

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Just fired up the laser, started the pc, logged into ruby, logged into tool control:
Ruby was up and running but acted as if I had logged into ruby from the network: everything worked except the “push to Laser” - it said “Device not ready” and “you can only push to Laser if you control the queue”
Laser was blinking green. Any idea @lasertechs?

(Yes, I restarted everything, logged in with a different user, and looked if I saw any unplugged cables, but to no avail)

tool control?

Did you go the the Ruby icon in the notification tray, right click, Laser Mode, Ruby?

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Thank you: it was the laser mode setting that I was unaware of. Perfect.
Thanks @Brendon_Hatcher

I just got caught out by this. Only took me 1/2 an hour to figure out! :slight_smile: