Rubbish collection - Part of Shutter access responsibility?

Hello all.

Southwark takes our two large wheelie bins every Thursday morning, but they’ll only take them if they’re taken to the front of the estate.

I propose that part of shutter access is taking the bins out on a Wednesday if you’re the last person to leave the space.

Then Thursday, first person in, must wheel them back to our arch.

Otherwise we will have rubbish sitting in our bins for 2 weeks and nothing else came get discarded.


A printed sign can also be printed for the back of Arch 1’s door as a reminder for Wednesday removal. This is a last resort option, if you’re in the space Wednesday, anyone is welcome to wheel the bins to the front.

Struggle with last person because if I leave at 4PM I have no idea if I am the last person. I vote we start with a sign asking anyone to take them after say 12PM on a wednesday we go from there

Yes, thanks everyone! I meant to send a reminder but was on a different timezone and forgot!

Anytime Wednesday is good! The other estate tenants put them out whenever that day…


The shutter access proposal is a stopgap. If for whatever reason the bins don’t get wheeled out, we’ll always have the ‘last’ person that gets it done.

But let’s try with a sign and see how it goes.

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