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Been referred from the Library of Things at Crystal Palace to you guys!

A DIY job to cut out a hole for a gass hob in a 250mm acrylic-like worktop requires a suitable Router Saw, and I was wondering if you have anything like this that I can hire end of February?
Or maybe, if you allow this, I could come in with the item once I’ve measured it, if it’s not too heavy.

I mean no offense - understand not a hire company, just trying to avoid purchasing a router for just 1 thing! (Might become more but unlikely!)

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Someone might be up for meeting with you (on the doorstep) and working out if this is a ligit request from a local fellow make/fix/hack space and then let you in under our members and “members guests” only policy. I’m guessing after a short conversation you could be technically viewed as a guest. Obvs that person would probably need to use the tools for you as we have access control / induction policy to negotiate.

  • Bribes can include: biscuits, cake or social media click baiting frenzies!!!

For reference, what is the policy on guests? I can’t seem to find anything elsewhere about it…

…I can’t find it now either…I seem to remember reading something before about you can have a guest but you are responsible for them.

If you take that literally that means you are responsible for a) their actions and b) their safety. This would imply supervision. ‘Fair use’ is implied by the word guest.

Hi boldaslove,
Thanks so.much for thinking about it - if you do have router and when the workop.arrives, and if it can be carried, then there might be possibility to pop down providing doesn’t breach any membership policy. And.quality of.cake obviously!
Shall await further posts. Thanks for looking into it.
Best wishes,

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Good memory!
“## Guests
You are welcome to bring guest with you of all ages but remember that they and their actions are your responsibility . Never leave guests unattended in the space without another member agreeing to oversee them. Rules for inductions in certain tools apply to guests just as they apply to members.”

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