Rough age & wood type?

(Dale Connolly) #1

Anyone have any idea of the rough age and what type of wood this sideboard might be?

(Jack Derrick) #2

Looks like oak to me.

in terms of age I’d pop an uneducated guess at 1930’s.

Are there any makers markings anywhere?

(Dale Connolly) #3

Possibly. It weighs quite a bit and has stuff on top of it. Can’t drag it out for a little while and was trying to work our roughly what I should charge for it. Have someone who wants it stripped and re-finished. Suppose I’m gonna have to drag it out to look for markings.

(Twm Davies) #4

Does look like art deco era. The top looks stolid which is probably where a lot of the weight is but the drawers look like bookended veneer . Curved doors also look like bent laminations /veneer.
You have to be careful with veneers as aggressive sanding, particularly around the chipped edge of the door there could show through the substrate.