Riveting stuff for climbers, coming out of textiles

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Made a couple of chalk bags for climbing.

My first time using the riveting tool in the space…very handy!

Another attempt to up-cycle as much left over/unwanted fabric as possible.

If any of you recognise any of the scraps…they are all off cuts from other projects (not all mine). Warning: Anyone using fun fabric in the space may find me raiding the bins.

The top is stiffened with cut up milk bottles (which is also nice and soft for falling on).

Anyone interested in pattern on techniques don’t hesitate to ask.

Now I just need to get round to actually going climbing.


Gorgeous! and much better than my boring orange chalk bag, back in the days when I could still climb a rock face :smiley:

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I don’t know if anything orange can ever really be boring.


They look great Nancy! Hahah would you believe I see scrap fabric leftover from making a blouse, which I am wearing today! Great to see materials take on a new life :slight_smile:

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They are great! Yes, I think I recognise a couple of those fabrics :grinning:

I’d love to give this a go! Could you drop the videos you mentioned you used for the method? :slight_smile: