Restart Party + Open Evening – Wednesday!

(SLMS) #1

The folks over at The Restart Project are hosting a mini Restart Party from 19:30-21:00 on Wednesday.

Everyone is encouraged to come along for a social, we’ll be doing the usual tours of the space with our fancy new floor and Restarters will be fixing electrical devices.

Whos coming?

(Dermot Jones) #2

There’s a few members who might be interested in this, and a future project where we host a more self directed version of a restart party.

@Courty @joeatkin2 @Marco_Pagliari

There might be opportunities to help out with repairs on the night, but as I’ve said before, the format is that they bring their team of restarters with them. So we need to keep that in mind.

Having the 3d printer and other tools ready to make replacement parts is a neat bit of added value we might be able to give.

@marketing Tom Lynch has done a poster, and will put over up in Herne Hill station. As we’re asking people to bring broken gear it needs a few more lead days than a normal open evening, so any publicity you think appropriate should probably be done as soon as?

(joeatkin2) #3

I am up for helping

(Paul Court) #4

I’m up for it and was thinking we could also look at themed Saturday’s or similar ? Something along the lines of the Arduino day where there is free space and a structured reason to be there. Another thought was to also advertise for people to bring unfinished projects, we’ll help restart those too… ?


(Marco Pagliari) #5

yeah I can book some time off

(unknowndomain) #6

We made a new chalkboard sign, bigger and better!

(Ten Yen) #7

thread-bump! getting “URL signature expired” on the pics :disappointed:
are they stashed somewhere more sustainable?

I’ve got @Howard and @fincheee on our “platfrom” ( ) for the Maker festival and allegedly :joy: @Dermot will join them soon… Hoping to see some regular (documented!) fixing at the 'space…

(Dermot Jones) #8

Was it really 2016?

Let’s get this going…I don’t see why we couldn’t do it on an open evening again?

I’ll sign up…now I’ve actually got a spare minute