Replacing Makita Router

(Johan Lindskog) #1


The small router is broken, doesn’t look as if it’s fixable. Are there any plans for getting a new one?


(Pete Hellyer) #2

Hmm, I wasn’t aware of it being broken. What is broken about it?



(RobertL) #3

I’m happy to have it for disassembly and parts

(Martin John Finch) #4

Worked fine last week. I also cleaned out the carry case and dusted off all the attachments.

(Jonty Bottomley) #5

The spindle lock was damaged, most likely due to having been over tightened.

I have chopped this off to prevent further use and damage to the tool which is in perfectly useable condition, it just needs to be used with the two spanners rather than the button and a single spanner.

(Johan Lindskog) #6

That’s great. I will try it tomorrow.

(Johan Lindskog) #7

Didn’t realise you chopped it @Jonty_Bottomley, thought as if it had been sheared off somehow.

Anyway, shows how much I know about tools and woodwork… Sorry to cause confusion.

(Johan Lindskog) #8

Router definitely working