Repairing/Resoling climbing shoes

Hi, I have a bad hole in the toe of my old climbing shoes and I was thinking about trying to repair them at the makerspace. They’re way too far gone for it to make sense to have them professionally resoled, but I think I might be able to get a little more use out of them by having a go at resoling myself.

I wondered if anyone has any experience with this?
I am also still unfamiliar with what is at the makerspace and what the different areas can be used for. Is there anywhere/anything I can use to melt a bit of rubber to apply to the sole?

You gonna need a pair of shoe lasts fitting them(have to carve them I don’t think you can easily buy them ready made), and a new sole, you can get replacements from vibram, but tose are not cheap, (will cost more than a pair from decathlon)

I ve been wondering how hard can it be to cnc a mould for making EVA foam sole and then get vibram soles from etsy (they go around £20 last time I checked). If anyone wanted to start ‘the makerspace’ sneaker, let me know.

Otherwise I attempted fixing my adidas original 5 years ago at slms and used some rubber to patch the old one with no avail, it I think needs the correct material which usually requires high temperature and some moulding machine… Resoling experience I have is re gluing an eva sole of slippers, it kind of worked with a silicone glue I bought in a french supermarket.

Because climbing shoes are much more flexible than normal shoes, here’s what a friend uses to resole them without a full set of lasts

I can ask what she’d charge if you’re interested. She’s definitely more economical than existing options.


Wow, thanks for all of this knowledge! Some of these words are new.

So here is a picture of the hole:

I’ve been told it’s really not worth getting them resoled because there are two layers of rubber on climbing shoes and I’ve gone badly through both. This is why I was considering trying something makeshift, like glueing the underlying fabric and to then almost dip them in molten rubber. But this is probably just giving away how little I know about the process and materials.

@Kyle I would be interested please if it’s not too much trouble. I would also be interested in hearing briefly how they think I could go about it if doing myself.

Also @petra the makerspace sneaker sounds like such a fun idea! I think I have so much to learn about different machines and materials, but maybe a project like that would be a great crash course?

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Omg yes, totally happy to compile YT vids and internet resources for machining an aluminium heatable mold and scanning shape of feet bridges.