Repair Club open evening - up in NW5 - Thursday 22nd Feb 24

Just letting any North London folk know about our open night at Fixing Factory — tomorrow in NW5 4DS

Here’s the blurb…

Got the bug for fixing tech and electronics?

Want to join a group of like minded people on a regular evening and work on fixing and skill building in a social setting? Then Repair Club - Project Night could be just what you’re looking for!

And it just so happens we have an open evening this very Thursday between 6 and 9pm (secure a place via link:

Repair Club - Project Night is run by fixers for fixers, with everyone paying a £15 monthly membership sub and putting some time/energy/imagination into running it

It’s focused on the new surge of DIY repairing - spurred on by the Right to Repair movement, repair cafes and a host of brilliant YouTubers

We meet every Thursday from 6 till 9pm

You don’t need masses of experience to join, but it is intended for fixer-maker-tinkerers with a solid level of self-sufficiency as there will be no formal classes*, instructors or support staff (although there will always be a first aider and a safety leader present) - if you’re familiar with Maker or Hackspaces you’l have a rough idea of us

If you’re new to fixing/electricity/electronics you may be better off joining Fixing Factory as a volunteer and signing up for the Future Fixers training modules, which will give you the foundation you need

*unless someone decides to run classes