Refitting the Woodshop Extract - Limited Woodshop Use - Sat 25th, Sun 26th - Help Appreciated

In pursuit of making a more easily maintainable, more efficient, dust free environment in our woodshop we are going to be doing some work on the extraction system over this weekend.

The plan is to cut all of the uphill climbs, sharp corners, etc and run the extraction piping at machine height which will buy us a chunk more space for shelving, allow us to move the drill press back 6 inches which currently contributes to a pinch point in terms of navigation of the room.

We’ll be running the extraction for the Mitre saw from directly behind the machine rather than dropping it down from the above right which will make the tool far more usable as the extraction hose won’t get in the way of angled cuts.

We’ll also be going for a much more maintainable installation of the extraction filter and bags.
We had 5 of us doing a big clean of the woodshop including this filter which was bogged down with several kilos of fine dust inhibiting flow of air and thus quality of extraction.
(Thanks @Lewisbellerina , @lousalasca , @Javier_Ash and @rosietdesigns)

It’s going to be a good chunk of work and extra hands would be welcomed.

The focus this afternoon and evening will be clearing the space to work and getting one half of the room re-rigged awaiting a tool loan from @JoeAtkin2, I guess we’ll see how far we get but may well keep the other half of the room the same for upgrading another day.

We are still anticipating an automated blast gate system such that the extract turns on automatically and gates opened specifically for any given tool on the extract system, this work will be carried out with respect to this at to make this an easy addition further down the line.

I’m planning on starting from 3-4pm this evening and working til evening, then will assess what needs to be done tomorrow and set times for tomorrows session.


Nice. I’ll come down this evening to lend a hand.

PS whats the “tool loan”?

Can you be planning maintanance at least a day or two in advance? In this cas it is not a case of a thing getting broken needing immediate fix. I was just heading to the space to do some latheing.

…anyways can give a hand.

Also thought @Clix was putting together a woodshop working group

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A large boring cutter!

Second that about a notice period - i had planned Saturday for some woodworking projects - happy to help with the extraction but a few days notice for members to plan ahead is appreciated.

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Yeah apologies - the whole system was blocked, too big of a job to do single handedly, had a good team down yesterday to help so did the initial clearing.

Just to clarify it’s only the very back corner that’s getting attention today, the limited use refers to planer thicknesser which isn’t fully in commission, and the router table.

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Important info,ta

This is pretty much all done, needs some tuning and a couple more hose clamps and blast gates fitting.

The prototype pneumatic blast gate has been installed on the bandsaw which @joeatkin2 has the control board for which should be installed shortly such that the extraction turns on and relevant gates opened when a given machine is turned on. This should massively help with the reduction of dust in the space.

We managed to cut about 60% of the total piping running around the workshop, we have easily double the air flow of the previous set up as well as much easier bag changes with a spare to save emptying mid job.

The filter is now cleanable in place - this was contributing to a major loss of suction - @rosietdesigns should be able to upload some photos of the amount of dust lining the inside as a result of it being near impossible to clear without major time expenditure and additional hands.

Once again massive thanks to Lewis Bell (@Lewisbellerina) for contributing a solid 12 hours throughout the afternoon and into the early hours and beyond…

I’ll try fit in a little tour after the members meeting tomorrow for whoever’s about - from there if everyone could start spreading the word as to maintenance and proper use of the new system that would be massively helpful.

Another thanks to @joeatkin2 for lending his drill and hole cutter.


Some pics of the dust created from
Emptying out the air filtration system on Friday night! Thanks @lousalasca @Jonty_Bottomley

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That is horrifying. A massive kudos to everybody involved!

yep thanks to the team who look after the workshop and make it more useable

there is a whole industry based around cleaning ducts - it should be part of routine maintenance in a sustainable business as opposed to strip out, dump and replace every few years

has SLMS ever done a clean of the ducting before - there are quite a few health and safety risk to not doing this
. Fire
. Personal health

We try , as far as fire goes it would be good if metel work got a belt sander

It’s a constant cycle of get working ,improve the system until it stops working, and then get it working again. It now works well but I am sure someone will improve it again