Record vise for sale

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I have a record bench vise for sale. I want 50 quid which is the lower end of the price range for a similar vise on eBay, in this good condition. I am selling because I am building a Nicholson bench and I think I should use a lighter version, without the weight of metal jaws. If anyone has followed my woodwork you will know I care about three things when it comes to tools; function, function, function. This vise is in great order. It still has its original paint and the rust on the mechanism is surface rust only, present simply because the vise has sat unused for some time.The mechanism is all present and tight and functions beautifully. The jaws are well machined and they come together correctly and without any visible slop. The screw is in great condition, the handle is slightly bent but they often are, it doesn’t affect the function in any way. I suppose it could be straightened or replaced. Personally I can’t see the point. I have used plenty of vises like this, it never registered as an issue. I would not have purchased the vise if it didn’t work beautifully. It requires a minor going over with some scotchbrite pad and some WD40. I have looked on eBay and many identical vises are more expensive and have extensive rust pitting on the mechanism.
This will last the lifetime of whoever purchases the vise. It weighs around 17 kilograms! If I sell the vise here I am going to spend all of the money on a professional quality diamond stone for the woodwork shop. I have a trend stone myself and they are fantastic and truly flat. That’s a promise. I believe in contributing to the space, if we all contributed to the maintenance and inventory we would have a superb shop. So if anyone wants it let me know and I will order the diamond stone as soon as I get the money. You can either come and pick it up from Greenwich or I can bring it to the space sometime.

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Well you can’t say I didn’t try. I am surprised no one wanted this at the space. I just put it on Shpock and it sold in literally thirty seconds flat for asking price.