Reconditioning car battery

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Hi there,

I’ve returned from a trip and my car battery is dead, measuring 2.7v(!).

The charger I have doesn’t seem to detect the battery but in the past I’ve managed to revive a battery with a DC power supply delivering 16v for a few hours.

I was wondering if the Hackspace has a power supply I can use?


Yes we do , and yes it’s possible to recover a battery from deep discharge, but it will never be the same again. And there’s a possibility that the battery Will turn into a puddle of toxic nastyness

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Yea, reconditioning it properly would be better suited to a smart battery charger vs just blasting it with a power supply…

Your friendly local garage / mechanics may be able to help you!

Thanks both, I’ve come to the same conclusions and got a smart charger in order which essentially has a charge curve from 16v to 12v. I don’t fancy shelling out for another battery as it’s only a year old, wish me luck!

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Also I came across which is a wonderful resource :slight_smile:

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Just buy a new battery

You might find this video useful:

Just an update. I used a CTEK charger which has a recondition mode.

After about two days of running through it’s cycle then disconnecting and leaving for another day the battery appears to be holding ~80% charge.

There was plenty of bubbling going on in the battery so it needed to be left somewhere well ventilated.

It starts the car no problem, how long that lasts we’ll see. Hopefully long enough to justify the effort.

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You might want to top up the water (distilled !) It there was bubbling

Good shout, thanks