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Hello Everyone ,
I have had changes made to my roof by the neigbours builders which amounts to damage.
Can anyone advise? I would like a solicitor to take charge


Have you contacted local building control?

Hi Tariq,

I know what my American lawyer daughter would say: work out a reasonable solution with your neighbor directly if you possibly can. Recourse to the law should be a last resort. By all means get professional legal advice to assess your position, but these kind of cases can drag on for years and cost thousands, which may or may not be recoverable from the other party in the event of a win. A chartered building surveyor (or similar accredited professional) can quantify the damage, and whatever the cost to your neighbor, it will probably be a fraction of what they would spend in legal costs. Of course it depends on your neighbor’s attitude and ability to pay, but that would be an issue in a legal arena anyway. Good luck!

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Yes contacted southwark building control. Their reply. They sent this without waiting for my documentation and pictures .

My understanding of your complaint is that your neighbour has constructed his extension in such a way that it harms your property.

That I am afraid is a party wall matter. It concerns damage/harm that he may have done to your property. Planning relates only to whether the principle of an extension is acceptable not the detail as to how the extension is constructed or drained. You presumably want your neighbour to make good the harm done to your property that is not something the Council can do. You will need to take your own legal advice in respect of this.

Kind regards

After getting my help and permissions and finishing 3 contructions . He has been extremly abusive . I had to call the police 3 times.
Now he has sent the fire brigade to investigate fire risk from my property and the council claiming that there are vermin in my garden and I am a horder. its been very difficult .

Thanks for all your help

Also there is roof tiles moved and his property has extended beyond the plans.
This southwark planning dont seem to understand.
I have gone to centre 70 legal . I have a online interview on Monday 25th October
Thanks again

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‘we don’t want to get involved’

If you’re reporting building control or planning non-compliance it’s clearly their job to deal with that

They will steer clear of getting involved party wall issues

Yes I am complaing about non compliance of planning . Did you see the pdf plans and the photo. would like your opinion . His house is one the right and the whole drainage , soffit and facia are not shown in the plans.
He has overlaped my soffit and facia.