Recent completed projects

Just thought I would post a couple of pictures of recently completed projects:

Base = walnut, figures = beech
Approx 190mm x 150mm
Danish oil all over + wax on base


Base = walnut, figure = beech, book = red IPE
Approx 130mm x 150mm
Danish oil all over + wax on base

I’ve posted the actual jigsaw before. It fitted on an A4 page to give some idea of dimension. (Maple)
Just finished making the means to hang it on the wall for display purposes. I still had the piece of wood that the jigsaw was cut from, so I was able make a “frame” approx 5mm thick all around the jigsaw. That was glued onto a piece of 6mm birch ply that had been cut to the same guitar shape but with approx 30mm clearance all around. Bare wood was oiled with Danish oil, birch ply painted with a couple of coats of an acrylic metallic blue ( picture doesn’t do it justice). There are a couple of angled blocks on the back so that it hangs at a slant so jigsaw doesn’t drop out !

On to the next items on the list…


Nice work!!

Those are lovely did you design the characters yourself?

Characters are taken from here

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That so looks like my daughter and she is crazy about dogs :smiley: I might have to borrow your idea!

They also remind me of Goobers, latest teen craze!

Those are really nice.



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great peices !