Quick show and tell - laser-cut lamp

(Robert Kirberich) #1

I built this because I wanted a quick project to not forget things from the laser induction, it came out nicer than I expected!

The panels are a bit wobbly because I didn’t leave quite enough wood in some bits, but it works :slight_smile: I’ll probably also reprint the top, making the plastic behind the pattern a bit thinner so it’s brighter, it’s currently a bit dark.

Possibly easier to see on twitter: https://twitter.com/kirberich/status/1099031041510199296

(Dermot Jones) #2


BTW we’re looking for members projects to showcase at the Maker Festival next week

(Robert Kirberich) #3

I would have loved to come to the maker festival, but it’s my Birthday and I won’t be around then :slight_smile:

(Petra) #4

Happy birthday!