Quick question.. use of space

(Natasha ) #1

Hey guys!

I’ve joined the maker space online and am awaiting for my email to officially be able to use the space.

I won’t be allowed to use the space until then but anyone wana take a chance and have me visit the maker space with them. I really want to give the laser cutter a try for this project I have. It’s on a tight schedule.

Anyone up for it. I would like to come in tomorrow after I see my last patient. So around 1530. If not Saturday afternoon


(Andrea Campanella) #2

You will need to be inducted to use the laser cutter

(Natasha ) #3

@emuboy Who does the induction then?

(Dermot Jones) #4

Hi Natasha,

You have joined our mailing list – there’s a bit more process before becoming a Makerspace member…and it takes a few weeks

Makerspaces and tight schedules aren’t a great combination I’m afraid

(Andrea Campanella) #5

If you are in an hurry you can probably use a laser cutting service.
There are many in London and some of them makes students discounts.

(Natasha ) #6


@Dermot Sure sure. I’ll wait. Thank you for your response

(Natasha ) #7

£250. I’ve looked. Thanks tho @emuboy

(Chanelle) #8

Check out machines rooms in Bethnal Green £15 ph inductions and signup on Wednesdays.

(Natasha ) #9

Thank you. Much appreciated @StudioNelle