Quick metalwork

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I have a pair of 5mm steel rods that I’d like to cut to length and smooth down the rough ends. I have zero metalwork experience, have never touched a dremel, and am inducted on 0% of the metal workshop.

Can this be done with a hacksaw and a file? Or do any kind @metaltechs plan on being in the space at any point in the next week, where I might ask their guidance?

No probs with a hacksaw and file (unless they’re hardened)

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I don’t thiiiiiink so…? It’s pretty inexpensive steel rod from Hindleys: https://www.hindleys.com/steel-rod-sku.html

Can assist tomorrow evening…

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Very kind! Unfortunately tomorrow evening is the only day I can’t visit the Space :sweat_smile:

Okay, if there is no other takers I’m in on Tuesday as well. I’m doing Laser training at 3pm, so should be free about 5.30 or 6ish…

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Hey that’s really good of you, I can be there before six on Tuesday :+1:

I’ll be the guy with a mohawk and a green jacket.