Putting together a pair of Amiga Speakers

I put together a pair of Paul Carmody’s Classix II when I was in college and really liked the results, but I used plain MDF without applying a veneer.

I need some speakers and was looking his Amiga speaker tower design and it looks great.

  1. To save myself some time, I’m thinking about maybe using pre-Veneered MDF. Does anyone have experience with using veneered MDF? Is it normal?
  2. Do we have a handheld router and circle cutting jig at the space? My wireless router is unfortunately in the USA.

Yes to number 2.

Also @Archie @joeatkin2

I’d consider using the CNC for that. Then you can set the size of the holes exactly as you like without needing a jig etc. It should be doable on the mini CNC.


I do like the mini cnc, but the pieces i need cut are much too long to fit. I guess i can cut a jig for me to use and trace that?

I am not inducted on the big boi cnc unfortunately :slight_smile:

If you aren’t inducted on routers, there’s a long waitlist. If you are fully proficient with the mini CNC and can do exactly what you want on shorter pieces in that, then you might be able to get inducted on the large CNC or ask someone who is inducted or a CNCtech to help you with that. Another option would be to use the mini CNC to make a jig and use the dremel to cut the mdf (no induction needed for that). Big CNC would be best though.

Not a good idea, no extraction and definitely not the right tool,

Template could be cut on the laser cutter and then use a router with a bearing mounted cutter.

Having an actual project should give you a priority for inductions. If one of the @woodtechs cannot help I am back in the country September 8th. Contact me near then and I will make myself available

Oh yeah wow I forgot the waiting list was so long. (ok now I’m just thinking about getting the mdf pre-cuf and then applying the veneer myself or retrieving my own dewalt cordless router + circle jig next month)

I’ll ask when you’re back just in case there’s free time to run an induction. (iirc i still need an induction before i use my own tools in the space, but i won’t be stateside untitled early October)

Your suggestion is definitely much better. Dremel is ok for cutting mdf if use the right bit,
See e.g. Link and extraction is possible using a vacuum. Certainly not as good as using a router or CNC, but it could get the job done if no other option. It’s much better that there is.

Seems like a perfect big CNC project- there is no waitlist for inductions if you are experienced on the mini CNC… if @CNCtechs can’t show you before first week Sept, I can… let me know!



Hi, happy to help cutout the baffle, let me know when suits and we can knock it out


As a retro computing enthusiast I feel baited by the title.


Yeah, I was thinking Commodore myself. Incredible machine at the time.