Pub style sign

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One of the first actual projects I’ve managed to finish while at the space. This was a pub style sign of an inside joke that I with a colleague at work for a retirement present.

The start of the process was doing some test cuts with @Archie on the Big CNC to work out the best way to cut the custom mouldings. We weren’t initially sure which contour we would use for the moulding so we were testing curved and square corners.

We Initially looed at using a 3D carving tool path but we explored the use of the moulding specific tool path settings on V carve. This gave really nice quality results and allows you to make complex moulding shapes perpendicular to a guide rail. I tested a natural curve shape for the moulding as well as a more geometric concave shaping. These also gave great results around corners opening up some interesting opportunities for making some organically shaped mouldings. Once these tests were done I was ready to move onto the final wood stock.

This started life as an off cut of beach blockboard countertop which I planned down with the help of @mbg on the planer thicknesser. This was then mounted onto the big CNC bed and progressively carved out.

Once it was carved, I filled and sanded some existing holes and handed it over to my colleague for the paint job.

And then finally here is Rod, in his back passage with his sign.


Nice work!

What a beautiful back passage. He must be very proud :slight_smile:

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And lovely sign writing too!

That lettering is beautiful! I’d advise against outdoor installation, I made a similar thing a while ago out of butcher block style piece of wood and after a while the glue between the separate pieces of wood began to fail due to moisture.