Proud parent moment :)

Just sharing that Sabrina my daughter has been accepted at the Brit School in Croydon for 6th form for the IDD (Interactive digital design) strand. Its an amazing school and I cant recommend it enough, they genuinely work with both the parents and student and all this within a creative UAL framework.

Portfolio application
Year 10:
Year 12 (6th form):

Happy to chat with any parents that might want to consider this school as an option :slight_smile:



Amazing archivement, congratulations, as someone that didn’t had many chances in life, I’m glad she gets to try something she likes, we need more artists in this world :slight_smile:


That’s very cool - clearly your creative skills have been passed on!
I work for a very big company (ahem) who sponsor the Brit school, and everyone here is genuinely a huge fan of the work they do in furthering arts in education. It’s a fantastic place.
Congrats to Sabrina - look forward to seeing more of her work!

We need big companies with strong social corporate responsibilities :smiley: who help fund projects and schools like the Brit. It completely free to attend there despite being a private school :slight_smile:

Does the company you work for offer work experience? As part of my task as a parent, the school has asked me to find her a week of work experience in an appropriate “Graphics” related setting.

If anyone has any ideas please do share! :slight_smile:

That’s amazing. I work at UAL and didn’t know this existed.

Ya most people think of the Brit as the music thing only but the school aims to support the whole eco system, so Musical theater, Tv, Film and Radio, Musicians, Music Production, Dancers, community Arts, VAD (fine and production Art) and IDD (Interactive digital arts) Sabrina’s strand which is based off the foundation year for IDD at UAL - The Brit is essentially a feeder school to UAL.

They describe themselves as a “Trade school” and support extra curricular passions from Coding to Vtubers :slight_smile:

Amazing, what will she do after that?

We not to sure, depends really on what she connects with between now and then. She got a bit obsessed rigging her characters last year and took a deep dive into that, she knows how to teach herself when she makes that connection, one of her neuro diverse supper powers once a choice is made :).

This coming year the school is going to push her to use the Adobe suit of tools to do 3D modeling. She is quite good in music too, she plays in the senior Symphonic Orchestra in Bromley as Timpanist/Percussionists which includes setting up/breaking down the hall each day. She is also just finishing a level 2 UAL diploma in music production at school. She could also go into festival/event management, she was the youngest at MozFest while I ran the YouthZone part(A bit like EMF) with Mozilla; she got to run her own micro passion sessions together with a posy of other peer to peer youngsters as tomorrows engineers and got on well with them as a group.

She also aspired at one point to own and run her own digital art/maker coffee shop that she had started to plan with a friend and we had a discussion about maybe doing an apprenticeship pathway if something suitable and supportive could be found rather than strait into Uni…

Last couple of years at the Brit has seen her going from being unable to work to a brief to demonstrating she has adopted the training to now work to a brief, not quite on demand yet, that’s what the next 2 years are about to own the process/workflow and add her creativity on top of that process type thing based on a clients need rather than her needs.

So ya we don’t know :smiley: whatever skills based career she ends up doing we cool with it :slight_smile:

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Congrats! I teach music production at the BRIT Kids Saturday programme. Great option for kids and teens who want some arts enrichment on the weekends :slight_smile:


Welcome to the Makerspace Gwen! :slight_smile:

So true, I totally forgot they had a Saturday Brit Kid club - One of Sabrina’s class peers went to that to build his portfolio and they also run 1-2 weeks summer camp for kids aged 8-16?

Hi @Dorine
I’m checking with our marketing department to see if they can help with a 1 week placement.
They seem happy enough, ostensibly, although there are HR teams / policies / procedures that need to be followed too.
I’ll message you privately to discuss.

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