Proposal: Drop Front Wheelie bin £342

I would like to propose we buy one of these drop front wheelie bins. They are £342inc vat.

We could get the one with manual lock. (A standard generic key used by contractors / members to open - leaves bin locked for passers by)
They come in RED!

Since the dawn of time we have had a slight problem with leaving piles of rubbish out front.

We have tried a few solutions. Two normal wheelie bins worked for a while. But back then we had 90 members.

We’ve got 300 and growing now and we are producing a lot more rubbish these days.

Current solution
Our current solution (based on the needs of our contractor) is to pack bags of rubbish and then leave them outside for collection. We use two small wheelie bins but they quickly get full and lead to mess and then “fly tipping”.

Proposed solution

  • Keep the current contractor.
  • Keep the ability to have recycled and “normal” waste.
  • Store the waste in the new drop front wheelie bin which the contractor can empty easily by hand because the bin has a drop front.
  • Gain the ability to store rubbish for collection in a tidy way.
  • Avoid people “adding” their rubbish to ours. Passers by chucking litter etc.
  • Make the space tidier for everyone
  • Avoid having to do ‘clean ups’ every few months where the contractor refuses to take stuff away because it’s piled up and mixed with other peoples rubbish
  • Reduction in attracting rats to the space
  • Reduction in spilt bags caused by foxes etc foraging first food in our bins.
  • Take them with us when we move house

Please +1 if you like the idea.


Good idea, do we know if the contractor will work with it?
If so it could save cash in the long term by not encouraging flytipping…

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They come in Red!!!

Yes good point. its worth checking with them first.
I tried to find their contact details but it says on our “waste” how to page:

“Please contact @Dermot if you have any issues or questions regarding recycling and waste collection”

Do we really need the drop front? With the exception of wood waste our general refuse and recycling is fairly lightweight.
I don’t know if we could manage it, but I’d sooner see several smaller bins for much more separated waste.

For example, saving up a standard wheelie bin of old broken glass, tumble polishing to take off the sharp edges and pass this on to glass blowers, artists, jewellers, etc.

If we could store our ‘waste’ more effectively and well organized it would in fact become a thing of value…

@Dermot do you know if bagging one of our heavier duty waste bags inside a quantum bag is sufficient? Or could we make a request for heavier duty prepaid bags stamped with their logo etc?

As is we probably pay nearer £3 per prepaid bag given the number that rip and collection refused…


Timber is the main issue…they don’t want to take heavy bags…and split bags are costly (£2.49 prepaid per bag)

I’m theory the weight limit it 10kg per bag…but their 10kg is a little less than ours…

A clear bag inside a Quantum bag can work (getting to be a high level of plastic use though)

I would say so yes. Otherwise the contractor can’t get the waste out. These bins are made for trucks to pick up. They’re not made for people to take rubbish out by hand. The drop front is a design feature that negotiates this obstacle. It allows a normal person to be able to take the rubbish out easily.

I’ve spoken to Quatum head office today they said it’s fine to use this. We are just checking with the contractor [Jose] that he is ok with this. They should be in touch tomorrow.

I’ve got a message back from head office. They have checked with the contractor and he is very pleased with the bin.

So to summarise the company and the guy that actually comes to collect the bags are both really happy for us to get this bin.

I’m happy to order it and arrange delivery. Just need confirmation from a @directors

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is there any news about this? Is it on a directors “to do list” ti discuss, has it slipped off the radar or is it something we could move forward with?

Seems like a fairly simple, reasonably priced solution with a quick large positive outcome for us and our neighbours (except the rats).

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