Proof of concept

Problem : how to move half a ton of machinery (planer thicknesser) regularly into the centre of the workshop to use it.

Difficulties : limited space to pull between table saw and planer which makes a pallet truck unusable. Plus we need room to store the pallet truck.

Anything with wheels will eventually damage the floor below.
Tracks would constitute a trip hazard

Possible solution: air compressor with air casters.

Trial :

This works it lifted @joeatkin2 for about 10 seconds but we would need 4 of these and a more powerful compressor.


I want to get a proper compressor anyway! Great work guys. We should have compressed air running throughout the shop via hard piping - a project I would like to get under way

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That looks like a lot of fun :smiley:

And I would support you in this whole heartedly.

Which is an irony, right at this second.

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Bloody Brilliant!

Another option

Is the 150kg recommended weigh limit per wheel or for the set? Several of our machine tools each weigh three times that.

I would think that was 150kg each which would just be enough. But the biggest issue with these is the machine is likely to be moved out 2+ times a day.

Those size balls/castors will put a groove in the floor very quickly


cutting the castors

frame made with 4 castors

chariot all plumbed in

single person moving @ 5 bar pressure (10 litre tank)

two person moving @ 4bar pressure (50 litre tank)

big thanks to @CriticalTolerance @boldaslove for their help getting this lump onto the frame

and of course @joeatkin2 for the help with the design and testing of the prototype


Looking forward to seeing it at full pressure

Looks good, I wonder if it might work better if the base was as big or close to as big as the top, and the pads spread further apart, this would avoid the wobbling.


yes I agree but the smaller footprint is required for a few reasons.

  1. we dont have the space for a wide base as the plate is designed so the casters can be slid out at any time for maintenance.
  2. putting effectively outriggers on would put extra stress on the base frame wheras at the moment the casters are directly under the corners so directly under the weight.
  3. these lifts were done with a pre war belt drive compressor. with a new 8-10 bar pressure and 100litre tank the wobble will be eliminated and it should be able to be moved with one hand.

we could work out a system where wheels on strong springs are attached to the corners to act as stabilisers ie they are just touching the floor at rest but prevent any wobble




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Nice to see it working at lower pressures - we maybe should think about ensuring it’s fed only at a higher supply (i.e. 5-8 bar not 4ish). Looking at the vids it seems to move better, and we don’t want the pads wearing too quick because of low pressure.

All in all, brilliant bit of kit though!

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Absolutely brilliant!

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