Problem joining the makerspace


I’m trying to join as a new member, but when I fill it in and press the ‘next’ button it stays on the page and i get an ‘adress required’ message, even though I filled in the field. I’ve tried it a bunch of times, but it keeps not working.
I don’t know if it’s my fault or something with the website, but can anyone help me with this?


Hi Nicolas,

I’ve seen this frustrating feature before

Try putting the address on separate lines

Such as:

41 Norwood Road

If this doesn’t work then DM me some details and I’ll have a try

It would be interesting to see a few examples of addressess which don’t work, the requirements are 2 lines and a valid post code, based on the UK governments own postcode regex.

i.e. 41 Norwood Road, London, SE24 9AJ would be invalid because it’s only one line, I wonder if this is what is happening, or if there is an issue with Windows/Linux/macOS new line characters being different?

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I had a lot of trouble filling in this part. Try putting the postal code at the very bottom.


Hi Andrew

Welcome! Sorry you had some challenge signing up

I’ve linked your Discourse and membership accounts, so you should be able to see members areas now, and sign up to waiting lists etc

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