Privatisation of Brockwell park: objection

There is a proposal to privatise part of brockwell park to paying footballers, necessary to say that cinder all weather area is already widely used by the community for multiple activities like volleyball, frisbee, marshal arts and kids learning to cycle . and the nature reserve would be demolished.
I am sending this around to let people know this is happening and objections are more than welcome!
Here is a link.

Objections winning 9 to 3, keep up the pressure!

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Where do you see it as being privatised? The docs all look like it’s for a community pitch?

This is the second time Lambeth has asked for input, first time, without giving a choice to object they expressed what the plan was. This is only for the start of the build. It is not community as long as what they said before is valid. I’ll find the previous one!

Edit: it was on survey monkey and can’t find it.

But also it’d turn into a bookable football pitch, i.e. no more frisbee, no more volleyball, no more cycling, no more martial arts.
It’s be run by a private company as well as the build would be contracted to a private company.

Opposed. Thanks Petra

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Planning applications often don’t have all the details, but it has enough to know that we close so much wild land. Opposed!

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