Printer problems

(Chanelle) #1

Printer appears to be out of action. @peter_hellyer did you ever make it as printer tech?

Current issue please see below. I was able to overide this message previously but not any more. Also across a small white arm that looks like is broken off from inside the printer feeder:

		Message: "Load MP Feeder"; Printer prompting you to load paper; 

Printer will not print from tray 1; Printer will not print from the
correct tray

		The Load MP Feeder message means that the printer 

wants you to load paper into the front-loading Multipurpose Feeder.
Depending on your printing conditions at the time the error appears,
there are a few ways to rectify the problem.

If you are trying to feed from the Multipurpose Feeder (MP) tray, the printer thinks there is no paper loaded in the tray.
If there is actually no paper loaded in the MP Feeder tray when the error occurs, do the following:

Simply load some letter-size paper in the tray and press Go or Select.
The printer should fire up and try to print from that tray. (For more
information on loading paper into the multipurpose feeder, click here.)
If you continue to receive the Load MP feeder message, you may have a bad sensor or a loose sensor flag. Do the following:

Look at the MP Feeder tray slot on the front of the printer.
along the left side where the paper rests on the door/tray. You should
see a small black plastic flag that hangs down and rests on the paper.
This flag controls the sensor that registers whether paper is loaded in
the MP Feeder or not.
Make sure the flag is moving freely.

If it is is loose, see if you can snap it into place carefully.
If not or if the flag is missing, your printer will probably require service.

you are NOT trying to feed from the MP Feeder when you receive the
message to load paper into it, one of two things is happening:

The default paper source on your printer may be set to the MP feeder. To check this (and change it, if necessary):

Press the right arrow (Menu>) button to enter the printer menus.
Continue to press the Menu > button until you see PAPER MENU on the display.
Press Select to view the list of menu items. Paper Source should now be on the second line of the display.
Press Select once to see the current setting for the default paper source.

If MP Feeder or Multipurpose is listed, press the Menu> button until the paper tray you want appears, and then press Select to save it.
Press Return repeatedly until the printer says Ready.
Try printing now.

I’ve gone beyond this trouble shooting but nothing is hitting the spot. Any ideas?

(Paul Court) #2

I’ll have a look tonight if you want…


(Chanelle) #3

Oh of course, you fixed it last time. Yes please.