Pressure Washer - Kärcher KB 9030

Kärcher KB 9030



Condition Notes

On long term loan from @Howard

Induction and Training




Risk Assessment

Before Use

During Use

The high pressure hose is specially constructed with reinforced walls to handle water pressure up to 11 MPa (1600 psi) - it can be easily damaged and should be stored carefully.

 Do not kink.
 Do not drive vehicles over the hose.
 Do not expose the hose to sharp edges or corners.

After Use

Only separate the high-pressure hose from the trigger gun or the appliance while there is no pressure in the system.

 After operation with detergent: Run the machine for approximately 1 minute for a clear rinse.
 Release the lever on the trigger gun.
 Turn off the appliance “0/OFF”.
 Turn off tap.
 Press the lever on the trigger gun to re-lease any remaining pressure in the system.
 Lock the lever on the trigger gun.
 Detach the appliance from the water supply.
 Pull out the mains plug.


Check the water inlet filter is clean and free of dirt and debris!


Kärcher KB 9030 Operating Instructions (1.3 MB)

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