Power lead for Janome TXL missing? RESOLVED

Hi, has anyone seen the power lead for the Janome TXL607, I have had a good hunt around but can’t find it.



Im really sorry!!

i used on my tablet psu, only just seen thread and heading home with it but will bring back in a few days.

its been in my bag for about a week, packed it away by accident and forgot about it. oops.

I assume its just a figure of eight cable you are missing as thats all i was using?

I’ve several spare. It’s a very standard lead

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I think there’s a box of power supply leads in the snug which hopefully is still labelled, at least one of them in there will fit it.


It was ok, after a bit of a hunt I found a replacement but it was part of something else so couldn’t leave it with the Janome, also it was a but of a tight fit, but worked. The socket seems to have a flat bit on one side, I don’t know if the original lead has that…

I didn’t think to look in the snug @iNerdier - good to know thanks:-)

cable has been returned


Thank god for that :wink:

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Gone missing again! Anyone know where the Janome power lead / pedal is? @textilestechs


Found it- got pushed down behind the tall worktable…

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