Poll: Resin curing oven - keep or dispose?

As part of the snug cleanup process, people who were involved identified items that we may not want to keep. We agreed in a member meeting to poll the membership on each item.

  • If you are the owner/guardian etc of the item, please say so in a reply to stop the poll.
  • Please vote and then, if you wish, make a case in a reply post for your stay/go vote.
  • If you would be interested in taking over the item, post that in a reply.
  • Polls will stay open for 7 days.
  • Items with no votes at all will be disposed of.

Description: Oven reserved for resin curing. Can someone post on history and whether it is functioning?

  • Keep
  • Dispose

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Dispose unless it can be opened for wider use! This is hugr and power hungry for just one task!

Return to an original owner who might or might not be still a member. it is an industrial oven for proffesional kitchen, or used to be. It has to be wired on 3 phase circuit. He did want it back, so perhaps it’s the time!

Sounds good- can someone reach out?

Hi all, you should keep it, it has more uses than you think, keep well . Brian D=

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I agree- the issue is it is on loan and restricted to only resin.

If it is donated and we can use it for anything we want, great. Otherwise I suggest the owner takes it back…

Its not restricted to resin, it WAS used for resin at some point 4 years ago. We could totally make bread? But again, lets see with Andy (not Sanders)

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Ooohh I thought it was restricted…

We want to powder coat metal! So if thats an option then I am in favour!


I think we need to proceed in the following order:

  1. Ask Andy if he wants to take the oven back or donate it to the space?
    I think those should be the primary (or only options).
  2. If donate, then we can release it from being “resin-only” and can discuss what else we could do with it.
  3. Then we can decide if we want to do those things enough to warrant keeping it.
  4. Then we can decide where to put it, how to wire it in etc

Who will volunteer to ask Andy?


I texted him just now

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