Poll: Old bench power supplies - keep or dispose?

As part of the snug cleanup process, people who were involved identified items that we may not want to keep. We agreed in a member meeting to poll the membership on each item.

  • If you are the owner/guardian etc of the item, please say so in a reply to stop the poll.
  • Please vote and then, if you wish, make a case in a reply post for your stay/go vote.
  • If you would be interested in taking over the item, post that in a reply.
  • Polls will stay open for 7 days.
  • Items with no votes at all will be disposed of.

Description: A shelf of old bench power supplies, untested

  • Keep
  • Dispose

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We have a couple of digital ones but if they are better would be great

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At least one is faulty, but one or two of these, if tested, would be useful as a low-noise power supply for anything sensitive. If voted to dispose I’m happy to take and investigate/test further.

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I took a look yesterday - 1 or 2 are very low power like .5 - 1A. So I don’t see them being that generally useful - someone should test them all and pick the 1 best one to keep and ditch the rest (especially any faulty ones)? Thanks @mjadczak for taking this on!

I suspect for low-noise applications you’d be testing battery-powered circuits anyway, so .5-1A should be plenty! I’ll try to go through and whittle them down though, agreed that we probably don’t need all of them.


Sounds good!

That’s true but it’s a matter of space taken/time of use , space is more important then have everything for every occasion and the benches are already packed.

I think electronics will not need them as I assume everyone willing to build a low noise circuit will not trust a very old and uncalibrated PSU anyway